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Understanding Mechanism Behind Pod Systems: Better Analysis

People are familiar with most-used disposable e-cigs, and there are many types of them. Disposble vapes of different pod systems are a popular type in this category. Continuous innovation in the e-cigarette industry has created the widespread use of pod system electronic cigarettes. Today’s article will continue to reveal the operational details of vapes of pod systems and how to distinguish between closed and open pod systems, helping you better determine whether trying this updated design is suitable for you.

Pod Systems

1. Pod Systems

Pods are a relatively new type of vaping that can be used with the push of a button. Pod system electronic cigarettes are more user-friendly and convenient for users compared to traditional cigarette models with tanks and atomizers. Most pod systems have smaller e-liquid capacities than traditional tanks, but there are also larger models. But pod systems have smaller components than other models.

2. How Does the Pod System Work

Disposable electronic cigarettes have two types of batteries. Automatic battery is activated by inhaling on the mouthpiece, and manual battery is with a button to start the e-cigarette and activate the device. The battery is used to determine your smoking status, knowing when to use power and when to store it. Batteries of pod systems are simple devices that can be charged with most USB chargers or wireless charging bases.

When you start the vapor device by inhaling through the mouthpiece, the pod and battery are the main components that operate to deliver vapor to your mouth. The pod is a part of vape disposable located at the top of the system, and can be used to load e-liquid and nicotine. Many companies design products with pre-filled e-liquid before sale, and you can use bottled e-liquid and fill the pod as needed for rechargeable systems if you want to replace it. Another part inside the pod is called the atomizer. When you start inhaling, the e-liquid is transformed into inhalable vapor, and the atomizer then heats up and vaporizes the e-liquid.


  • No need for additional components or maintenance, just buy the battery and replace the pod when it’s empty.
  • Small and portable, they can easily slip into your pocket for on-the-go use.
  • The design creates a more intuitive smoking experience, you only need to inhale to enter the vapor. The most complicated thing when using a closed pod system is replacing the pod, so you won’t go wrong.
  • These systems are much smaller in size and design, providing a gentle vapor flow that can be used in public places.


  • The first drawback of closed pod systems is limited flavors.
  • Small batteries mean shorter battery life. Although the battery power is usually only used when inhaling, the extended use time can still quickly deplete the power. You may need to get used to carrying a charging cable when you take it out.

For users who like to pursue large and thick clouds, using these newer systems may not provide the same satisfaction.

3. Open Pod Systems

Open system pod electronic cigarettes can be refilled and reused according to the user’s needs. They allow easy manual refilling of pods and come with a top that is easy to open and a large enough opening to add more e-liquid without slipping. Compared to closed system pod electronic cigarettes, open system pods using e-liquid can also produce larger and denser vapor.


  • Free choice of e-liquid flavors and nicotine concentrations
  • More powerful battery
  • Richer smoking experience
  • Larger cloud production


  • Requires more work like cleaning and maintenance
  • Larger and less portable
  • Modules can be complex
  • Beginners need to adapt to how they work

4. Closed Pod Systems

Once all the e-liquid in a pod is used up, it needs to be discarded and replaced. Refilling and replacement can be done anytime and anywhere according to your needs. Nowadays, there are various pods containing different combinations of nicotine levels and flavors available. But you will always face more restrictions compared to open system pod disposable cigarettes.


  • Simple and ready to vape
  • No hassle of refilling
  • No need to carry around e-liquid
  • More satisfying nicotine levels thanks to nicotine salts


  • Compact nature makes it easier to lose
  • More expensive because of the convenience
Pod Systems


If you are looking for an affordable vape set, vapes of pod systems are worth considering. If you need customizable e-liquid blends, higher nicotine levels and the ability to produce large vapor clouds, you might be better off sticking with vape pens. Of course you can also reap the benefits of a unique, convenient and user-friendly smoking experience by using either vape puff bars of closed or open pod systems . Understanding how pod system electronic cigarettes work and the pros and cons of closed and open system options can help you better decide whether to try pod vaping.

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