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Simple Sub-Ohm Vapes Tricks that beginners need to master in 2024

Vaping offers a remarkable experience in various aspects. It provides the nicotine satisfaction through a wide range of e-juice flavors, and you can even perform impressive tricks using vape gear that will amaze those around you. It’s not just an activity; it’s a source of enjoyment, a lifestyle, and a hobby all bundled into one.

Learning basic vape tricks is quite simple and doesn’t require much. All you need is some information, guidance, and practice, and soon you’ll be mastering vape tricks like a pro.

To execute the best vape tricks, you need top-notch vape gear, and sub-ohm vapes devices are the ideal choice for producing massive clouds and maximizing your vaping tricks. “What does sub-ohm vaping mean?” you might ask. Before delving into the fun part, let’s explore sub-ohm vaping and its distinctive qualities.

Sub-Ohm Vaping Explained:

Sub-ohm devices derive their name from the electrical resistance, measured in ohms, that flows through their coils. The coils are designed with low resistance—under, or sub, 1 ohm—allowing high current to pass through and generate significant heat and vapor. This makes sub-ohm devices the preferred choice for cool vape tricks or cloud chasing, both for personal pleasure and in competitions.

To produce the largest clouds with your sub-ohm device, you’ll need a battery capable of delivering substantial power (preferably above 40 watts). Your sub-ohm tank will likely have adjustable airflow; make sure to keep it fully open to prevent the tank from overheating at high wattages. For bigger clouds and easier vape tricks, opt for a juice with a high VG-PG ratio, as VG produces thicker clouds. Lastly, use low-resistance coils under 0.5 ohms to increase wattage for massive cloud production.

In addition to creating large clouds, sub-ohm devices intensify the flavor of the e-liquid compared to other vapes, utilizing more juice in the vapor-production process. You may also experience a warmer vape due to the low-resistance coil and higher wattage.

Easy Sub-Ohm Vapes Tricks for Beginners:

Now, let’s dive into the exciting part. Here are five easy vape tricks to try before advancing to more complex maneuvers. A word of caution: as vape tricks involve drawing on your vape and exhaling, you’ll be consuming a significant amount of nicotine, which might cause dizziness. It’s advisable to use low-nicotine or nicotine-free juice. Additionally, practice in a room with minimal air movement to avoid disruptions.

The Ghost Hit

Inhale deeply on your sub-ohm device, hold the vapor in your mouth, then exhale slowly. Inhale the vapor back in quickly, leaning your head forward to capture it. Repeat this around three times before blowing it away.

The Dragon

 Blow vapor out of both nostrils and both sides of your mouth simultaneously by keeping the middle part of your mouth closed. It looks complex but is easy to learn with practice.

The French Inhale (Irish Waterfall)

Draw on your sub-ohm device, hold the vapor in your mouth, then exhale the vapor slowly while inhaling it through your nose.

The Waterfall

 Take a deep draw of your vape, hold it in, and exhale into a small, empty water bottle. Pour the vapor onto a surface, like a table, when the bottle is full.

Blowing Smoke Rings: Create letter O’s by taking vapor into your throat and expelling it with your tongue, lips, and jaw. Shape your lips into an O and push the vapor forward with your tongue while making pulsating movements with your jaw and throat.

Focus on mastering these five easy vape tricks before attempting more challenging ones. Other cool vape tricks include Vapor Bubble, Jellyfish, Bull Ring, Atomic Bomb, Triangles, Tornado, Vape Bending, Liquid Mist, and more. With a plethora of tricks to learn and enjoy, you’ll have a new hobby to practice and improve upon while savoring the delightful flavors of your vapes.

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