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Perfect the Direct-to-Lung Inhalation Method

Many of today’s mainstream disposable e-cigarette options are designed for Direct-to-Lung (DTL) inhalation, which is the simplest and most direct smoking method for many users. Devices suitable for DTL typically come equipped with a large refillable e-liquid tank, a wide mouthpiece and a manual activation button. Today’s blog will provide you with more information about DTL smoking, its pros and cons and things to consider when facing related issues.


1. Direct-to-Lung and Nicotine Strength

Activate the button on your electronic cigarette device and inhale the vapor into your lungs. When exhaling, you’ll see a massive cloud of vapor. Why can it produce such a thick vapor cloud? This is closely related to the nicotine concentration in the e-liquid. E-liquids with low nicotine content offer various options. Lower nicotine concentrations can generate a larger volume of vapor for users who seek a more substantial smoke. You can start with a low nicotine concentration and gradually adjust it to better adapt to higher levels.

2. Benefits of DTL

Direct-to-lung inhalation can produce a large amount of vapor, satisfying the enjoyment and sensation when using disposable electronic cigs. Another benefit of direct-to-lung inhalation is that it allows for a richer flavor experience while smoking. When using very low nicotine concentrations, both the amount of vapor and the flavor of the e-liquid undergo significant changes. The taste of the disposable electronic cigarette becomes rich and clear.

3. Drawbacks of DTL

Many users enjoy the throat hit produced during smoking, which is essential for satisfaction. Therefore, the first drawback is that you might miss the throat hit generated during mouth-to-lung inhalation. If you appreciate throat hit, it’s better to stick to the mouth-to-lung smoking method. Another drawback of direct-to-lung inhalation is that DTL will increase the cost of using disposable electronic cigarettes, as you will use more e-liquid each day. Along with using more e-liquid, the cost and frequency of coil replacements will also increase. In the long run, you will incur more expenses on smoking devices.

4. Whistling Sound from the Electronic Cigarette

If you inhale too forcefully, it may result in a whistling sound, a problem commonly encountered when using mouth-to-lung devices. But it is also possible to inhale too forcefully during direct-to-lung inhalation. If this happens, you may notice a whistling noise coming from the intake vents of your tank. The first step here is to ensure that your tank’s vents are fully open. If your tank still whistles, consider switching to a tank with larger airflow vents.

5. Crackling Sound from the E-Cigarette

The occasional crackling or popping sound is a common occurrence when utilizing a vaping device equipped with a robust atomizer coil. Should these noises become bothersome, opting for a tank featuring a mesh coil is recommended. The mesh coil’s flat profile ensures a quieter operation, minimizing both popping and crackling sounds for a more enjoyable vaping experience. MirusVape disposables featuring dual mesh coils excels in reducing crackling sounds. The dual mesh coil design minimizes unwanted noise during operation, ensuring a quieter and more enjoyable vaping. Enjoy the benefits of smooth, uninterrupted inhalation with MirusVape’s cutting-edge technology.

Perfect the Direct-to-Lung Inhalation Method


As the popularity of disposable electronic cigarette devices designed for Direct-to-Lung (DTL) inhalation continues to rise, users are drawn to the simplicity and directness of this smoking method. Whether enjoying the abundant vapor production, savoring richer flavors, or navigating potential drawbacks such as missing throat hits and increased costs, users can make choices based on their preferences and priorities. Tips for addressing common problems like crackling sounds from the device have been discussed to offer you practical solutions to have enhanced vaping.

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