Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Mirus Vape Released MirxMesh System

Introducing Mirx Mesh, a groundbreaking product revolution designed to delight consumers through innovation and elevate the user experience to extraordinary dimensions!

Throughout the past four years, the Mirx Mesh team has been unwavering in its dedication to advancing atomization technology. With over a thousand experiments and hundreds of technical refinements, Mirx Mesh has played an instrumental role in propelling Mirus Vape into a globally recognized e-cigarette brand, serving customers in more than 57 countries and boasting more than 10000 retail shops.

In our unwavering pursuit of delivering the finest quality e-cigarette equipment, our team has relentlessly explored and partnered with the latest scientific research findings to create the Mirx Mesh coil system, offering consumers an unparalleled vaping experience.

At Mirx Mesh, our journey never halts. We remain committed to delivering the most innovative atomization technology, aligning seamlessly with the evolving needs of our users, echoing the Mirx Mesh spirit: “Vape In Love and Freedom.”, let customers feel love, freedom and comfort in our brand

For us, the paramount user experience emerges from a deep understanding of our users’ needs, all in the pursuit of their utmost satisfaction.

Our new technology can be summed up in a few words

Explosiveness of taste in MirxMesh :

0.08s Instant Activation: Our pride and joy, the blazingly fast 0.08-second instant activation, usher you into the world of vaping in an instant. No more waiting – dive right into the enchanting flavors, seamlessly.

  • Bionic Honeycomb Structure: With our innovative bionic honeycomb structure, we’ve taken the art of vaping to new heights. This ingenious design ensures precise airflow distribution, evenly dispersing every puff, guaranteeing an extraordinary flavor journey that saturates your palate.
  • Hydrophilic Surface: Leveraging exceptional hydrophilic surface technology, we’ve made it easier for liquids to interact with your e-cigarette device, unlocking an abundance of flavors. This means you can relish the full potential of your e-cigarette without worrying about uneven liquid distribution or annoying leaks.
  • Amplified Vape Cloud Production by 26%: Our electronic cigarette takes cloud chasing to the next level with a remarkable 26% increase in vape cloud volume. This means you can enjoy larger, denser clouds of vapor, creating an immersive and visually captivating vaping experience. Whether you’re a cloud enthusiast or simply seeking a more substantial exhalation, our innovation ensures that every puff delivers an impressive and satisfying cloud formation, elevating your vaping pleasure to new heights.
  • 28% Increase in Wire Diameter Fineness: Our innovation pushes the boundaries of MESH technology by increasing the wire diameter fineness by an impressive 28%. This finer wire diameter allows for improved wicking efficiency and enhanced surface area, resulting in a richer flavor profile and a more satisfying vaping experience.
  • 20.5% Boost in Heat Concentration: We’ve harnessed cutting-edge engineering to concentrate heat by 20.5%. This optimized heat concentration ensures that every draw from your device is consistently heated to perfection, delivering a smoother, more consistent taste and vapor production.
  • 25% Accelerated Heating Speed: Experience a rapid 25% increase in heating speed, providing instant gratification with every puff. The accelerated heating ensures quicker vaporization of e-liquids, reducing any lag time and allowing you to enjoy your desired flavors almost instantly.

These remarkable performance features collectively craft an immersive vaping experience, delivering unprecedented mouthfeel and gustatory delight.

Taste Stability:
  • Carbon Deposition Reduction by 36%: Our dedication to perfection shines through with a remarkable 36% reduction in carbon deposition. This means that your e-cigarette experience remains cleaner and more efficient, prolonging the life of your device while ensuring a pristine taste.
  • Flavor Consistency of ≥97.8%: We take flavor consistency seriously, achieving an impressive rate of 97.8% and above. This ensures that every draw from your e-cigarette delivers the same delightful taste, preserving the quality of your vaping experience from start to finish.
  • These advanced performance parameters underscore our commitment to excellence, guaranteeing not only a more sustainable and efficient vaping experience but also unwavering flavor satisfaction with every puff.


Median Aerosol Particle Size – Mirx Mesh 0.9μm (Ordinary Cotton Coil 2μm): Our commitment to precision is evident in the meticulously crafted aerosol particle size of the Mirx Mesh, which stands at an impressive 0.9 micrometers, compared to the 2 micrometers typically found in ordinary cotton coils. This reduced particle size enhances your vaping experience by ensuring a finer, more consistent aerosol for smoother inhalation and a richer flavor profile.

This cutting-edge technology guarantees a superior and more satisfying vaping encounter, setting Mirx Mesh apart as a leader in optimizing aerosol quality.

Reduction of taste:
  • Atomizing Temperature Range of 220-270°C: Our electronic cigarette is engineered with meticulous attention to detail, allowing users to fine-tune their vaping experience within the temperature range of 220-270 degrees Celsius. This precise control over atomization temperature enables you to unlock different flavor profiles and vaping sensations, tailoring your experience to your exact preferences.
  • TPM (Total Particulate Matter) at 8-10mg per Puff: We are committed to your safety and satisfaction. The meticulous engineering of our product results in an impressively low Total Particulate Matter (TPM) emission, ranging from 8 to 10 milligrams per puff. This means that not only are you getting a flavorful vaping experience, but you’re also inhaling fewer harmful particulates, ensuring a cleaner and more responsible choice for your vaping needs.
  • 30% Reduction in Power Consumption: Our commitment to sustainability and efficiency shines through with a substantial 30% reduction in power consumption. This means that you can enjoy extended battery life and fewer recharges, all while reducing your environmental footprint.
  • 12% Increase in E-Liquid Utilization Rate: We’ve fine-tuned our technology to increase the utilization rate of e-liquid by an impressive 12%. This translates to more efficient and effective use of your e-liquid, resulting in a longer-lasting vape experience and cost savings as you make the most of every drop.

These performance features exemplify our dedication to providing users with precise control and a responsible vaping experience, allowing you to enjoy your preferred flavors while prioritizing safety and satisfaction.

Nicotine Power:
  • Nicotine Salt Strength at 30%: Our electronic cigarette boasts a nicotine salt strength of 30%, ensuring a satisfying nicotine delivery. This concentration strikes a balance, providing the nicotine kick you desire without overwhelming your taste buds or throat.
  • Experience Amplified to 50% and Beyond: What sets us apart is that while the nicotine salt strength is at 30%, the overall vaping experience transcends expectations, reaching an impressive 50% and beyond in terms of satisfaction. This is achieved through our unique formulation and technology, which enhances the sensation, throat hit, and overall enjoyment, making each puff a memorable one.

Our commitment is to provide not just nicotine, but an all-encompassing vaping experience that goes above and beyond traditional expectations. With us, you get more than just nicotine; you get a truly elevated vaping adventure.


Introducing Mirx Mesh, the maiden coil system from the Mirus Vape brand, poised to usher in a transformative, multi-dimensional product revolution tailored to satisfy discerning consumer preferences. Our goal is to provide you with the most cutting-edge and exceptional consumer experience available today!

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