Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Long-lasting disposable e-cigarettes in 2024

Disposable vapes have undergone significant evolution in both aesthetics and functionality throughout the years. Despite these advancements, their fundamental purpose remains consistent. These user-friendly devices eliminate the need for filling, operating seamlessly straight out of the box. With no buttons to navigate, they offer effortless and discreet performance.

Modern disposable vapes utilize salt nicotine (salt nic) juice to deliver a satisfying vaping experience. This specialized e-liquid formulation ensures smoother throat hits and quicker nicotine absorption, making disposable vapes an appealing choice for users seeking convenience and efficacy.

Long-lasting disposable Vapes

As disposable vapes started to enhance their e-liquid capacity, manufacturers opted for a cylindrical design that could be conveniently scaled up. This approach allowed for the production of larger disposable vapes with extended usage duration. However, some of these long-lasting disposables turned out to be too bulky for many vapers, prompting a need for downsizing.

Reducing the footprint of these devices necessitated the use of smaller batteries, enabling manufacturers to maintain portability without compromising on performance. While this downsizing addressed the issue of bulkiness, it also presented challenges in balancing battery life with e-liquid capacity to ensure optimal vaping experience.

All-In-One Disposable Vape

Of course, a battery that dies before the e-liquid is vaped is just wasting e-liquid. To solve this quandary, disposable manufacturers first went with efficient cylindrical designs that could be easily scaled up. These all-in-one disposables in some cases hold a third as much e-liquid as a whole nic salt bottle and have a battery that is sufficiently large to vape it all. 

Rechargeable Disposable Vape

To address the issue of battery life aligning with e-liquid capacity, disposable manufacturers initially adopted efficient cylindrical designs that could be readily expanded. These all-in-one disposables, in certain instances, can hold up to a third as much e-liquid as an entire bottle of nic salt, while featuring a sufficiently large battery to vaporize the entire content.

This strategic approach ensures that the battery life of disposable vapes is in sync with the volume of e-liquid contained within, preventing wastage and optimizing the vaping experience for users. By striking this balance between battery capacity and e-liquid volume, manufacturers aim to deliver consistent performance and value to consumers seeking hassle-free vaping solutions.

Mirus XN10000 Prefilled Pod Kit

E-juice Capacity: 20ml、Battery Capacity: 650mAh、Nicotine: 0/2/3/5%、Puffs: Up to 10000、Charging Port: Type-C

Flavors: Lush Ice, Triple Berry, Peach Mango Watermelon,Aloe Grape, Pineapple Lemonade, Peach Ice,Sour Apple Ice, Red Energy, Blue Mint, M Ice Blask

Mirus XN10000 Prefilled Pod Kit

Mirus XN7000 Vape Kit

Puffs: Up to 7000、Coil: Dual Mesh Coil、E-liquid: 15ml、Nicotine: 0/2/3/5%、Battery: 650 mAh

Flavors:M Ice Blask, Blue Mint, Lush Ice, Sour Apple Ice, Pineapple Lemonade, Aloe Grape, Peach Mango Watermelon, Peach Ice, Triple Berry, Red Energy

Mirus XN7000 Vape Kit

Mirus Bulb 10000 Prefilled Pod Kit

Puffs: Up to 10000、Coil: Dual Mesh Coil、E-liquid: 15ml、Nicotine: 0/2/3/5%、Battery: 650 mAh、Size : 1153737mm

Flavors: Watermelon Bubble Gum,Strawberry Apple, Mango Kiwi, Grape Strawberry,Honey Dew,Peach Ice, Mint Chewing Gum, Yacult,Passion Yacult, Riibena

Mirus Bulb 10000 Prefilled Pod Kit

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