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How to Preheat Your Disposable Vape

Entering the world of premium disposable e-cigarettes is an exciting experience, but for the best vaping experience, it’s crucial to know how to properly preheat your device. Whether you’re new to vaping or looking to improve your technique, this blog will dive into the nuances of preheating your vape disposable to ensure that get the most from every puff.

Disposable Vape

1. Importance of preheating disposable vape

  • Optimize flavor and vapor production: Preheating disposable e-cigarettes is similar to preheating an oven before baking. Preheating brings the e-liquid to the ideal temperature, enhancing flavor and vapor production.
  • Prevent dry hits: Properly preheating the coil before using a disposable e-cigarette can ensure that the e-cigarette liquid is fully vaporized and prevent the unpleasant burning smell, thus reducing the risk of dry hits.

2. Different starting points

  • Button-type: For the disposable vape with button, the preheating process begins with turning on the device. Press the button a few times to activate it and let the coil gradually begin to heat up.
  • Smokable: If your disposable e-cigarette is smokable, start the warm-up process by taking a few puffs to get the e-liquid-filled coil ready to vaporize , while also extending the smoking time of your e-cigarette device.

3. Preheating technique of disposable vape

  • First Inhalation: Take a few short breaths before taking your first long inhalation. These gentle pumps help fill the coil with e-liquid, ensuring it’s ready for optimal vaporization.
  • Short-term controlled pull: Start with short-term controlled pull and gradually increase the coil temperature. This technology prevents overheating and allows e-liquid in disposable vape to evaporate evenly.

4. Principles of preheating disposable vape

  • Coil Resistance and Temperature: It is critical to understand the relationship between coil resistance and temperature. A preheating coil with appropriate resistance ensures effective vaporization without causing damage.
  • Viscosity of e-liquid: Different e-liquids have different viscosities, which affect their evaporation speed. Thicker e-liquids generally require higher temperatures, while thinner e-liquids may require less heat. E-liquids with suitable saturation and viscosity will better evaporate the flavor of disposable e-cigarettes and enhance atomization intensity. The e-liquids inside MirusVape products offer a burst of flavor, just unwrap and you can enjoy the smooth and satisfying flavors. They are perfect choices for those who prefer simplicity and flexibility in their vaping routine.
Disposable Vape

5. Best preheating time for different e-cigarettes

  • Pod Systems: Pod systems typically have smaller coils and shorter warm-up times. A pre-puff and short puff of about 30 seconds is enough.
  • Disposable Pens: Disposable pens with integrated coils may require longer pens. Allow approximately 45 seconds to a minute for pumping and gradual descent for optimal performance.

6. Troubleshooting

  • Uneven vapor production: If you find that the vapor produced by the disposable vape device you are using is unevenly distributed, adjust your warm-up technique. Make sure the primer puff is consistent and the suction is steady for an even heating process.
  • Burning smell: Burning smell indicates possible overheating. Adjust your preheating time and technique to ensure the coil is not affected by overheating and to find your preferred sweet spot for flavor and vapor balance.


Knowing how to preheat is crucial to unlocking the full power of your favorite disposable e-cigarette. From understanding the principles behind coil resistance to experimenting with preheating times, this article provides a comprehensive overview of the preheating process. Remember the key is to start slow, pay attention to the design of the device, and adapt your technique to the nuances of your specific e-cigarette device. You’ll be well on your way to a consistently satisfying vaping experience.

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