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how to fly with a vape device in 2024

How to Bring Your Vape Juice on a Plane

If you wish to include vape juice in your carry-on bag, it must be securely stored in a zip-top bag alongside your other liquid and gel items. Additionally, you have the flexibility to pack e-liquid in your checked luggage.

How to Bring Your Vape Juice on a Plane

Airlines have specific regulations regarding the transportation of liquids and gels when included in carry-on luggage. Therefore, special precautions must be taken if you plan to bring vape juice on a plane.

Airlines have specific restrictions on traveling with liquids, covering every liquid or gel product you intend to bring. This encompasses bottles of vape juice and any vape tanks or pods containing e-liquid, as well as toiletry items like toothpaste, soap, perfume, and shampoo.

To carry a bottle of vape juice in your carry-on bag, the bottle must be 1 oz (about 30 ml) or smaller. All liquid products in your carry-on must fit into a single quart-sized zip-top bag. During the security checkpoint at the airport, you’ll be required to remove the zip-top bag from your carry-on and present it separately for inspection.

Once you’ve filled your zip-top bag with toiletries and other items for your carry-on bag, you might discover limited space for vape juice. However, the restrictions for bringing liquids on a plane specifically apply to the liquids in your carry-on bag. You can bring additional vape juice in your checked baggage without facing the same restrictions. To avoid any potential leaks, it’s advisable to pack your extra e-liquid in plastic bags.

How to Bring Your Vape Juice on a Plane

Vaping on an airplane is prohibited by law. If you’re worried about nicotine cravings during the flight, consider bringing a nicotine replacement product. No airlines permit vaping during the flight, and attempting to do so can lead to legal consequences. For a long flight, it’s advisable to bring an alternative nicotine source such as nicotine gum or pouches if you anticipate discomfort without access to nicotine.

Can You vape device at the Airport?

You can only vape at an airport within designated smoking areas. Some airports may only have smoking areas outside their terminals, so it’s advisable to bring a nicotine replacement product if you prefer not to leave the airport.

During your travels, it’s safest to assume that vaping is not allowed in places where smoking is prohibited. Keep your vaping device stowed unless you are in a designated smoking area.

It’s crucial to note that certain airports may lack smoking areas within their security perimeters, and even if they do, the areas may not be clearly marked. Smoking lounges with amenities have become rare, and many smoking areas are now outdoor spaces with limited seating and no climate control. If you struggle to find a smoking area, consider asking airport staff for assistance.

In some instances, you might discover that an airport lacks an airside smoking area. In such cases, you’ll need to enjoy your last vape before entering the airport. If you have a layover at an airport without an airside smoking area, you may need to exit the airport to vape. If you’re in a foreign country, you’ll need to pass through customs, enter the country, and then go through security again to reenter the airport.

Given the inconvenience of vaping at certain airports, having an alternative nicotine source available can be beneficial.

Can You Buy Vape Juice and Replacement Coils Abroad?

Certain countries either prohibit the sale of nicotine-containing vaping products or ban the sale of vaping products altogether. It is crucial to investigate market conditions in your destination country before embarking on international travel.

Researching local vaping laws before your journey is advisable due to potential variations in product accessibility. Worldwide vaping regulations can be intricate, with some countries treating vaping products similarly to tobacco for adult consumers, while others restrict aspects of their purchase, sale, or import. In specific nations, vaping might face complete prohibition. Hence, understanding local laws is imperative prior to your departure.

Even in countries where vaping is entirely legal, it’s prudent to be informed about the vaping climate for consumers abroad. Some places impose restrictions on e-liquid flavors, while others permit only the sale of nicotine-free e-liquids. Pricing for vape gear may also differ significantly. Avoid assumptions about the consumer environment in your destination country, and conduct thorough research to ensure a smooth experience.

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