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How to Craft Better Homemade Coils

The majority of brand-new e-cigarette devices almost come with built-in coils. If you desire a unique vaping experience, beyond the realm of built-in coils, you can venture into the realm of coil crafting. Before delving into this hands-on endeavor, it’s essential to grasp the fundamentals of coil building, encompassing the required materials and crucial safety precautions. Crafting your coils can can help alleviate the costs associated with purchasing pre-built coils to some extent, and allow for the creation of bespoke coils tailored to your personal vaping preferences.


1. Essential Preparations

Gather essential tools: resistance wire and a small screwdriver for precise wraps, ceramic-tipped tweezers ensuring safe adjustments, wire cutters and scissors for precision, cotton or wicking material for optimal absorption, your preferred e-liquid, and an ohmmeter for accurate resistance readings. These tools form the foundation for a successful and satisfying coil-building experience.

2. Preparation for Coil Building

Before starting the coil-building, understanding the specifications of your disposable e-cigarette’s battery is imperative. Battery specifications play a pivotal role in determining the resistance goal for your coils and deciding how many wraps to incorporate. Using incompatible coils can potentially damage your device and hinder its normal operation.

3. Wrapping Coils

Begin by cutting several inches of wire from the coil spool. The finished coil may only utilize around 3 inches of wire, but starting with an appropriate length makes the wrapping process more manageable, providing additional surface area to grip during wrapping. Hold the screwdriver handle and gently wrap the wire around the shaft, ensuring the wraps are as close together as possible. Adjust it to face the same direction if excess wire protrudes.

4. Installing the Coil

It’s time to proceed with the installation with your coil crafted. Detach your RDA from the mod, loosen the two posts on the RDA until each coil’s ends can fit snugly. Insert one end into the positive post and the other into the negative post, ensuring the coils are as centrally positioned within the RDA as possible. Tighten both posts securely to hold the coils in place. Once secure, remove the screwdriver from the center.

5. Checking Ohms in Vape

The resistance of coils is crucial for any vaper, so check the coil’s resistance before proceeding. If the resistance doesn’t align with the intended number of wraps, inspect whether the coil is in contact with the posts or the RDA base. Tweezers can be used to adjust the coil’s position. If this doesn’t yield the desired resistance, consider crafting a new coil and trying again.

6. Wicking or Using Cotton

After placing enough cotton into the coil, twist it for easier threading. Be cautious not to overpack. Once threaded through the coil, trim the ends so that they lightly touch the RDA base, bending the excess cotton toward the base to allow ample airflow for a better inhaling experience.

7. Pre-Dripping Adjustments

Before dripping e-liquid onto your coil, check if the coil has shifted during the wicking process. Use tweezers to readjust the coil to ensure it remains steady in the RDA and can consistently fire. Retighten the posts if necessary, and test it again with your ohmmeter for added peace of mind.

How to Craft Better Homemade Coils


As you embark on the final step of your coil-building, delicately dripping your preferred e-liquid onto the meticulously crafted coils, anticipate the imminent reward of a truly personalized vaping experience. Take a moment to revel in the aromatic allure of your chosen e-liquid saturating the coils, promising a flavor-rich inhalation. The satisfaction derived from the fusion of craftsmanship and indulgence awaits, enhancing not only the flavor but also the overall enjoyment of your vaping endeavor.

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