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How to Better Replenish Tank or Pod

Many manufacturers designed their e-cig devices to be disposable in the past, making it impossible to refill the e-liquid in tank or pod. But users now have the freedom to refill their long-term disposable e-cigarettes on their own. Some users choose to do it themselves or purchase vapes with refillable tanks, allowing them to use their favorite e-liquids. Today’s blog will further introduce how to better refill the tank or pod of your favored electronic cigarette device for a cleaner and gentler experience.


1. Pod Mods with Refillable E-Liquid

Current vape disposable devices that can be refilled with e-liquid include Pod Mods. These devices typically have a tank or a small pod that can be filled from the top or bottom. While you can see the remaining e-liquid from the outside, it’s essential to closely monitor the usage status of the liquid inside the tank or pod to prevent a burnt taste that may indicate the e-liquid is running low. If the liquid in the tank of your e-cigarette doesn’t completely cover the coil or saturate the wick, you are likely to encounter this issue. Incorrectly refilling the tank or pod can lead to malfunctions to some extent.

2. How to Refill Bottom-Fill E-Cigarette Tanks

Ensure that the device is not charging and turned off before starting. Gently open the bottom part of the tank in the device, carefully remove the coil designated for use and place it in a dry area. Also inspect the tank for any dirt, and thoroughly clean it if present. Keeping the tank clean is crucial, as impurities or residues can significantly affect the performance of the coil, impacting your vaping satisfaction. Be cautious not to mix different e-liquids, as this can result in less pure flavors. If you must use different e-liquid flavors, make sure to thoroughly clean the tank every time you refill, as residue buildup can occur.

Then take out the e-liquid compatible with your device and use a dropper to repeatedly place a few drops of liquid into the coil for soaking. Wait for complete saturation before reinstalling it. This process helps prevent overheating and burning, extending the coil’s lifespan and ensuring a richer and more satisfying taste from your e-liquid. Be careful not to let any liquid enter the airway of the tank, as you might inhale the liquid.

The final step is to put back the top connector. However, just because it is now complete and filled with e-liquid does not mean you can use it immediately. Wait a few minutes to allow the coil to fully soak before starting to vape. Some more advanced vape disposables may have automatic indicators telling you when they are ready after a refill.

3. How to Refill Pod-Type Electronic Cigarettes

The uncomplicated design of electronic cigarette pods, as opposed to the more complex structure of Box Mods, makes the refilling process straightforward. When the pods are depleted, effortlessly extract them, utilize the designated slot provided by the manufacturer, and employ the dropper from your e-liquid bottle for replenishment. Allow approximately several minutes for the wick to saturate before reinserting the pod into the device.



Whether handling Pod Mods or bottom-fill tanks, adhering to proper refilling techniques is paramount to prevent malfunctions and ensure optimal performance. Sustaining a clean tank, refraining from e-liquid mixing, and patiently allowing the coil to saturate all contribute to an extended coil lifespan and a more gratifying taste. Keep these guidelines in mind for a cleaner, gentler, and more enjoyable vaping experience.

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