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How to Better Count Puffs in E-liquid

The widespread and growing adoption of single-use electronic cigarettes is evident among vapers globally. Users often express concerns about the longevity of their e-cigarettes, a factor intricately linked to the quantity of inhalations a disposable device can provide. In this blog, we will extensively explore how the inhalation count from e-liquid in rechargeable vape kits transforms, investigating the correlation between e-liquid consumption and the frequency and duration of inhalation.


1. Styles of Vaping

The transformation of inhalations is closely tied to your vaping technique. Mouth-to-lung (MTL) inhalation typically lasts for 6-8 seconds. Delicate draws during each puff can elongate the number of inhalations generated, yet maximizing it with every inhale proves challenging to unlock the full potential of the device. Some MTL kits also offer limited direct-to-lung (LDTL) vaping, allowing for deeper and lengthier inhalations that consume more e-liquid.

Coils are another factor influencing inhalation counts. Coils with lower resistance like 0.8 ohms necessitate more power, causing the device to absorb e-liquid at an accelerated rate. Coils with higher resistance like 1.2 ohms consume e-liquid at a relatively more gradual pace, offering vapers flexibility in balancing power and e-liquid consumption for a personalized experience.

2. E-Liquid and Nicotine Concentration

A higher nicotine concentration may prompt you to use your vape more frequently, maximizing the number of inhalations. It is advisable to adjust the nicotine concentration to suit your needs to prolong the lifespan of your device’s e-liquid and inhalations, particularly if you are a frequent vaper. Generally a disposable e-cigarette with a higher concentration of nicotine salts is equivalent to several packs of traditional cigarettes, offering an enduring experience.

3. Calculation Method

Determining the longevity of e-cigarettes involves considering various factors. The number of puffs per device, typically around 600, varies due to user habits and device specifications. Disposable e-cigarettes use machine testing to approximate the count. Key factors include vaping style, coil resistance and e-liquid nicotine content. Understanding this calculation method allows users to gauge the device’s lifespan and make informed choices for a satisfying and economical vaping experience.

  • Nicotine Salts and Freebase E-Liquids:1.2-ohm mesh coil + 50/50 10ml = 3000 inhalations (approx.),0.8-ohm mesh coil + 50/50 10ml = 2000 inhalations (approx.)
  • Shortfills: 0.3-ohm mesh coil @ 45W + 70/30 50ml = 1500 inhalations (approx.) / 100ml = 3000 inhalations (approx.)

4. Comparing Cost Efficiency

You may discern that utilizing disposable vape kits is more economically viable. The disposable e-cigarette from MirusVape features an elegant design and robust performance, ensuring a gratifying experience with each puff. Crucially each device can deliver an astounding 10,000 inhalations, providing MirusVape with a substantial edge in competition with other vape brands – a blend of cost-effectiveness and convenience.



As the global vaping community embraces vape disposbles, understanding the factors influencing inhalation counts becomes paramount. Vaping styles, coil resistance and e-liquid concentrations all play pivotal roles in shaping the lifespan of disposable devices. Ultimately the calculated approach empowers users to make informed decisions, ensuring a satisfying, economical and personalized vaping journey, regardless of the brand.

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