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How Popping Occurs in Your Vape: Better Analysis

Users of their most-favired disposable e-cigarettes may have wondered why their devices make popping sounds. This is a common yet significant concern, as it often indicates underlying issues with the device. Today’s blog aims to decode and provide a deeper understanding of why these popping sounds occur in vaping cig devices and what measures you can take to prevent them. Understanding the root causes and implementing preventive measures ensures a smoother and more enjoyable vaping experience with disposable electronic cigarettes.

1. Relative Causes

  • Coil Issues: The coil is a crucial component of vape disposables used to vaporize e-liquid. While some popping during vaporization is common, excessive or loud noises may signal coil problems. High temperatures during heating can distort the coil, thus leading to increased crackling sounds. If you encounter it, consider promptly replacing, repairing the coil or exploring new coils for your device.
  • E-Liquid Variations: The diverse range of e-liquids available may contribute to noises. Thinner e-liquids can interfere with coils in many devices and causing crackling sounds. A simple solution is to experiment with different e-liquids before use, reducing the likelihood of abnormal popping sounds.
  • Drip Tip Factors: The drip tip can also be a source of crackling noises. The exchange of airflow through the device’s chimney during vaping may lead to juice and condensation buildup in a confined space, resulting in spitting sounds. If the drip tip or chimney seems to be the issue, trying a disposable e-cigarette with a larger drip tip can enhance airflow and reduce or eliminate popping noises.
  • Wattage Settings: In disposable electronic pens, various types of tanks house the chosen e-liquid. Incorrect wattage settings can cause popping and spitting for sub-ohm tank devices. Adjusting the wattage dial can rectify low wattage settings, ensuring proper heating and vaporization. If popping persists, other issues may need attention.

2. How to Better Prevent Popping in Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Adopting regular maintenance practices can significantly reduce the occurrence of popping sounds. Routinely clean and inspect the coils TO ensure they remain free from e-liquid residue. Keep an eye on the e-liquid viscosity and experiment with different formulations to find the most compatible option. Regularly check and clean the drip tip and chimney components to maintain optimal airflow. Staying vigilant about wattage settings and adjusting them appropriately as needed contributes to a smoother vaping experience. These proactive measures not only prevent popping but also extend the lifespan of your disposable vape.



While occasional noises in electronic cigarettes is normal, abnormal sounds can impact your vaping. Various factors can lead to popping, but most issues are not severe and can be resolved through trial and error. If you notice increased sounds while vaping, take the time to address the potential causes mentioned above. You can identify and fix the reasons behind these sounds on your own with a bit of effort and exploration.

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