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Closed vs. Open Pod Mods: A Comprehensive Comparison

There are two primary categories of pod mods: Closed System and Open System. Closed systems incorporate sealed and pre-filled pods, while open systems feature easy refillable pods. Each type presents its own set of advantages. Today’s blog will share the relative information of pod mods and the similarities prompted a detailed examination to spotlight the distinctions.

Pod Mods

1. Open Pod Mods

Open pod systems feature refillable pods, offering versatility and the freedom to refill. While requiring a bit more effort, open ones unlock a plethora of flavor and nicotine options and provide long-term cost savings.

  • E-liquid Versatility: Choosing your own e-liquid involves understanding basics such as salt-based nicotine. While these liquids often have higher nicotine levels than regular ones, they ensure a smoother throat hit. Understanding the PG and VG ratios in e-liquid is crucial, as many vape pods may not perform well with higher VG juices.
  • Flavor Freedom: Open systems boast an extensive flavor range, providing a multitude of options in various categories. Unlike closed systems, open systems offer hundreds of flavors, catering to diverse preferences.
  • Nicotine Options: Open systems offer a broader range of nicotine levels, as they can use either nicotine salts or freebase nicotine. The flexibility to mix and match nicotine levels caters to individual preferences and aids those attempting to gradually reduce nicotine intake.

2. Closed Pod Mods

Closed pod systems offer a swift setup. They are disposed of empty pods and inserting new ones is a hassle-free process. One pod is generally considered equivalent to a pack of cigarettes, and replacement pods are often available in multi-pack sets.

  • Pod Flavors: Pre-filled pods provide a range of flavors from sweet and fruity to basic tobacco and menthol varieties. Although closed-system pods offer fewer flavors compared to open-system pod mods, there are ample pre-filled options to satisfy those not requiring an extensive variety.
  • Pod Nicotine Choices: Closed devices have limited nicotine level choices, typically ranging towards higher nicotine levels. Nicotine salts, commonly used in many pods, provide a smoother throat hit even at elevated nicotine levels, catering to beginners seeking less precise nicotine calibration.
  • Portability: Closed pods excel in portability due to the absence of liquid refilling, making them easily transportable. Switching between flavors in a closed system is uncomplicated—simply replace the flavor pod without residual taste from the previous one.

3. Which One to Choose

Reasons to Choose Open Pod Mods

  • Akin to traditional combustible cigarettes.
  • Hassle-free with minimal maintenance and mess.
  • Deliver a cigarette-like punch in throat hit and nicotine levels.
  • Sleek design suitable for discreet use.
  • Portable and pocket-friendly.

Reasons to Choose a Closed System Pod Mod:

  • Hassle-free with minimal maintenance and mess.
  • Delivers a cigarette-like punch in throat hit and nicotine levels.
  • Sleek design suitable for discreet use.
  • Portable and pocket-friendly.
Pod Mods


The choice between open and closed pod mods ultimately depends on personal preferences and priorities. Open systems offer versatility, a vast flavor selection and cost savings, while closed systems provide simplicity, portabilityand a familiar cigarette-like experience. Consider your priorities and preferences to make the right decision for an optimal vaping experience.

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