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Better Selecting the Ideal Vape Coils

For newcomers to the free world of vaping or seasoned enthusiasts, understanding the role of vape coils in optimizing the vaporization process of your vape device is crucial. A deeper knowledge of vape coil functionality can enhance your overall vaping experience. Today’s blog aims to provide you with information designed to help you better comprehend, select and maintain your vape coils for the ultimate vaping pleasure.

Vape Coils

1. What Are Vape Coils

A vape coil is essentially a wire coil wrapped around a wicking material designed to absorb and retain e-liquid. When you activate the fire button on your vape device or take a puff with auto-inhale, the battery will heat the coil and in turn heat the e-liquid in vape.

2. How Vape Coils Work

Vape coils operate based on the principles of Ohm’s Law, where voltage, current and resistance collectively influence the coil’s heating intensity and speed. Coil resistance is categorized into sub-ohm and high-ohm resistances. Sub-ohm coils are ideal for users who prefer direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping, producing more vapor and flavor but potentially impacting battery life. While higher resistance coils are suitable for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, offering a more energy-efficient experience.

3. Compatibility

Not all vape coils are compatible with every vape device. It’s crucial to choose a coil that matches your device’s specifications to ensure a safe and enjoyable vaping experience. Pay attention to the recommended wattage range, coil resistance and device compatibility provided by the manufacturer.

4. Style and Preferences

Your personal vaping preferences play a crucial role in choosing the right coil. Low-resistance sub-ohm coils are suitable for users who prefer DTL vaping, with large clouds and intense flavor. Conversely higher resistance coils are ideal for MTL vaping, offering a more discreet and satisfying experience. Consider the coil’s design and wicking material, as these factors can influence flavor and vapor production.

5. Outstanding Vape Coils

MirusVape Dual Mesh Coils

MirusVape’s Dual Mesh Coils are highly acclaimed in the vaping community, praised for their unparalleled adaptability and compatibility with almost the entire MirusVape innovative vape device lineup. Its sleek and simple design makes coil replacement effortless and ensure a leak-free refill experience. MirusVape’s Dual Mesh Coils cater to a wide range of vaping preferences with various resistances and constructions available.

Vape Coils

6. Maintaining and Cleaning Your Vape Coils

Knowing when to replace a coil is essential, typically ranging from one to three weeks based on usage and e-liquid type. Signs of replacement include decreased vapor production, altered or burnt taste, and visible grime or wear on the coil. While some vapers prefer replacement, certain coils can be cleaned to extend their lifespan. Safety considerations like compatibility, battery safety and temperature control should always be prioritized.

Different coils significantly impact e-liquid taste, considering flavor profiles and VG/PG ratio. Understanding how coils interact with e-liquids allows for a customized vaping experience tailored to taste preferences.

Building Your Own Vape Coils. Building coils is an exciting option for adventurous vapers seeking a personalized experience. While it requires some skills and understanding of vaping mechanics, it can provide a unique way to customize your another vaping. Detailed tutorials and tools are available online for those interested in this rewarding endeavor.


Choosing the right vape coils is vital for an enjoyable vaping experience. Whether you prefer robust clouds, bold flavors or a satisfying cigarette-like experience, there’s a coil to suit your needs. Stay informed with our helpful blogs as the vaping world evolves, always prioritizing safety. Consult your device’s manual with any questions. Unlock the potential of your happy vaping experience with MirusVape’s versatile Dual Mesh Coils-Vape in Love and Freedom.

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